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About Us
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First Christian Church has a staff of a full time minister, Bob Kastens, a graduate of Johnson
University; a secretary, Kelly Holland; and a pianist, Betty Ruth Koeninger.
Bob Kastens came to serve First Christian in 2008, after a long time ministry in South
Louisville Christian Church in Kentucky.  He and his wife Etta are the parents of four
children; Sons Ron and Rob who are both ministers; daughters Sherry and Judy who are
wives and mothers.  Bob and Etta continue to actively serve First Christian Church, Crossville
and are cornerstones in our congregation.
Kelly Holland has been the secretary for First Christian Church for eight years, and is one of the 
strengths of FCC.  She and her husband, Jonathan, and daughter, Brianna are members of our
congregation who are always willing to help others in any way possible.  Kelly is efficient,
thorough, and flexible.  She is an asset to FCC.
Betty Ruth Koeninger is an accomplished pianist who comes to us from a church background
which is steeped in music.  She is a member of the Cumberland County Community Chorus
and lends her voice to that choir as well as our choir at FCC.  She has directed church choirs
and has played piano in a number of churches.  She adds a great deal musically to our church.
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